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Diaries: AROC Weekend Drive - Cameron Highlands 13/1/2007
AROC Malaysia Weekend Drive to Cameron Highlands - 13/01/2007

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when AROC members gathered at Nasi Kandar Sedap 24hrs at Aman Suria in Petaling Jaya. More than 10 Alfa Romeos were parked in the car park as the members and their families had breakfast before departing on the first AROC drive for 2007. Models comprised 146, 155, 156, 164, 166 and a couple of GTVs.

A total of 9 cars departed Aman Suria at 9.30 am and made their way to Ulu Yam/Batang Kali route for the compulsory winding roads. The convoy was led by our Sexitary Mr.Osman and our Vice President Mr.Kiru aka Redbull. Our route took us through the B roads , and some of those used in our previous annual Grand Tours.

After we passed the Ulu Yam route we were bruning rubber and overtaking double lines and suddenly were warned by the opposite cars that there was a road block up ahead, so we all stopped and waited for 10 minutes before sending our spy car a Ford driven by Tharan the Navigator for mohan in the last GT who was following us half way before meeting us at camerons. He went ahead and gave us the clear sign before we proceeded. as we were passing the cops and the stares we got was blank. Of course we broke up the convoy and went single.

Then we cut off at Ulu Slim road and went off on a tangent up for 30 kms in beautiful C roads with no traffic at all an came to a sign that said KL -Ipoh 1 Km and all thought aha we are going to Camerons now..but again our Sexitary had other ideas and just before the junction he took us on a nother C road for another 30-40 km where we went thru the Dipang road. And here the TanSri and Flying Bayee in his 166 overshot the Leader and missed a turn and they had to do a run around for another 10 Km before they caught up with us ( a lesson for overtaking TAUKE)

Then we again approached another sign that said KL-Ipoh 2 Kms and again before that junction this Sexitary took us for another round offroad to a C road for another 20km or so before finally we reached Tapah.

The scenery was majestic on the winding road up. As a matter of fact, we relished the corners and let the Alfa do what it does best (better than BMW Bayee)

The group arrived at Tanah Rata at around 3pm and we proceeded to have lunch at Tanah rata town. With the drizzle, external temperature was around 17 degrees celcius. Nice and cool but not freezing. After lunch, we went checked in to Strawberry Park Hotel and some who didnt stay overnite went marketing buying veges (not GTV 6 ahhh)

Tajul who went up there on his own met us at the restaurant with his family and new Junior.

At 5 pm we met at the lounge of Strawberry and after one smart alec who said that he will guide us 5 mins down the road to a Tea and scones Shop and the next we knew we were driving for 20 mins back to Brinchang with no sign of that shop, we turned back after scowling that Bayee(mOhan Singh of course) and returned to Tanah Rata near Smoke House for some beauitiful Tea and Scones.

Later went for Dinner at Brinchang for Chinese food (hot food, cold weather fantastic combination).

Met back at the Hotel for some ghost stories from Tharan which scared the hell out of us.

Next day we were off to Cameronian tea plantation with nice tea tasting and beautiful sceneries of tea plantation. Then to Strawberry park and a visit to the new resort Cameron Resort (fomerly Merlin).Now expensive minimum room RM 800.

Temperature was warmer as the group did further shopping of vegetables and strawberries. After a wonderful day bumping on and off into MFZA all over Camerons we returned back with a disciplined convoy on the NKVE. Wonderful company, great drive and looking forward to the next one.

Cheers ED
Ron Nanthan

Posted: TheTaj @ Thu Jan 18, 2007 2:15 pm

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