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Diaries: AROC Drive to Bangkok 23rd to 27th March 2006
Text by Ron Nanthan

For all those who did not get VISA from your Home Ministry to come and gave lame excuses like WORK your heart out as you really missed such fantastic fun.

We left R & R Rawang at 1.30 am on Thursday, 23/3/2006 with about 20 cars. Some Ipoh members couldnt wait for Cha Kuat so they had already crossed the border and wanted to meet us at 7 am in Hatyai. The pace car was led by our able Ron Lim with me and Mohan Singh. Jespall could not make it for the trip at the last minute as he was on HEAT..having period... (remember the Hippotamus.of Phuket). So we had to put up with The MAS guy who served us well giving me and Ron whatever drinks and food we wanted and also did a great job when I was sleeping giving directions and warnings to the convoy at the back.

We reached the Gunung Semanggol R&R for a refuel and 30 minute break. We then left for Changlun to the usual R&R and did the insurance and customs forms formalities and had breakfast. We crossed over at around 7.15 am. At the immigration point as usual our Kedekut doctor after stamping his passport left without giving the usual fee to the officer and I had to pull him back to pay RM2. Also Mr. Sherman (our green member) did not bring the registration card and had an old one with the old owners name on it. He then with all his degrees did a number (don't ask me what) and cleared customs. Then there was one guy without the authorisation letter and he too was guided by MR. Ron Lim who of course with his experience of meeting all kinds of immigration guys during his rally time, got that sorted out.

Or resident criminal Mr. Leong of Alfatech who supposedly smuggled a car to Thailand before never got caught this time. He claims someone used his name you believe this??? Anyways, must thank him for his crew support during this trip. By the way guys we now have two new criminals ...Mr. Osman and our Redbull Mr. Kiru as they crossd without getting their passports stamped. All his legal jargon couldn't get him of this hook. And Osman's knowledge of all the B roads in Malaysia didn't help either.

We then crossed and had a few stops for refuelling and breaks. Our president who last time HABIS MINYAK ..this time an ANJING was running faster than his car and swerved into his front damaging the air cond condenser. Of course he was not driving but Mrs CIA was. Then started the only car in the world with FOUR Seasons RATING 5 STAR Hotel on the move. He had sauna, winds and then nite cold weather all in the comfort of his car. He was entertained by The Channel and Osman all though out the journey about the various seasons in the world and how it feels like in detail.

Near Surat Thani I think we had a flat by Rus in his 155. I stopped a police car and was frantically trying to explain to him that we are looking for a tyre shop when emerged Mr. James Wong who spoke @#$$%^^%^>>>**** fluent Thai and got the cops leading us to the tyre shop...WHO NEEDS a TOUR GUIDE...when we have our own resident. By the way I could not have done this trip without his great help.

We were ahead of time an decided to head straight to Bangkok when Mr. Terence had a blown engine and we waited almost one half hour before we went on and with a first group and a second who came much later after sorting the car and towing. As a result we were behind time and proceeded to Bangkok but without going to Hua Hin.

When we reached finally at Bangkok town and we had clear directions from the Hotel a traffic light our lead car then driven by Leong and Dr.Wong and our previous President Azman as passengers...Doc Wong got down from his car and spoke or rather rattling in a foreign language to the taxi driver and the taxi guy must have thought who is this mad fellow in heavy Bangkok traffic talking to him. Anyway Doc Wong got on to the walkie and told us to follow the Taxi. Then all hell broke loose when for whatever reason the Taxi was running so fast swerving thru lanes and traffic and 9 alfas chasing him...Ron Lim stated to me that the taxi was fast...imagine what was going on in the Taxi drivers head...probably thought we want to kidnap him to Italy using a CHINAMAN...

Finally the Taxi stopped and after some turns came back to the same traffic light and we reached the Hotel ..drained out and look like some zombies!!! The next day it was trip coach tour thru Bangkok city and then to the Largest Open Sea food reataurant in the world. We had a private large room just for us and great food with some jackie chan look alike doing the flying sequence from the Michele Yeohs touch movie.
Then to the nite market where Osman found a fantastic Alfa Romeo shirt(Steward can learn a thing or two from these guys on quality and embroidery)

The next day all had to asemble at the Lobby at 8 am for the river cruise and floating market tour before we made our way to the Bangkok Motor Show. The guys went gaga over the models at the show and their tongues sweeping the floor drooling form the beauty of these girls.KK missed this one as he too would have gone bongkus!!

Some of the guys like Rus and his gang went missing the entire time in Bangkok ...I wonder which tour they took....Of course the Poseidon was just opposite the Hotel and im sure they had a delegation from AROC to pay their respects....i mean to keep the malaysia flag flying ...this protocol whe we are a away from our own country and Minister of Home Affairs.

I must say that the local papers stated that they were flash lightning in the day time when sun was shining and it was at particular places where we were touring was Shan and Kiru's head I guess..but lets keep this a secret and let the Thais think that it was a phenomenon.

We left for Chumpon which was half way back to Malaysia and spent a nite on Sunday. With no other casualities and a fantastic fast drive, the guys were doing 200 plus , even touching 240km. At nite I heard some guys got conned whole sale in Chumpon as what they got was not what they talking about goods Ok.

Mr. Desmond Khoo won the ED challenge trophy and the criteria was dont lawan Ed... I guess this answers Doc wong ..he overtook me three times...for the next three trips no trophy for him!!

Then Monday morning we left at 10 am or so and arrived at the border and then on to KL and Singapore. on the way there was a Nissan with a Skyline engine trying to run with us and then the alfas went wild with Zul heading in front and Ron Lim poking at the Nissan move faster ,...Zul came on the walkie asking me should he move or let the Nissan go ...of course I said NOOO...and he let the 166 rip... of course the nissan just got scared and gave up let us pass thru.

Zuls father who owned a Berlina and some other Alfas proved his mettle even at his age ..shows a Alfa driver is always a Alfa driver.

The whole trip was fantastic., with great company ,great food , great driving and most of all everyone is looking forward to the next long trip.

I thank all for their corperation and look forward to seeing you again.

Posted: TheTaj @ Wed Mar 29, 2006 5:45 pm

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