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Diaries: AROC Weekend Drive to Grik – 17th July 2005
The Phuket/Krabi trip scheduled for the earlier part of 2005 had to be cancelled because of the unrest in Southern Thailand. Since the last event of 2004 (which was GT 2004 if I’m not mistaken), many members had been itching for a drive, even if it’s just a 1-day event. I was also itching for a drive myself. The GTV6 had just come out of the shop with a new engine - the previous one had gone out in a burst of glory on a (non-AROC) trip to Fraser’s Hill in January of ’05.

8 cars assembled at the Sg. Buloh R&R at 0800 hours. After a half-hour breakfast of nasi lemak and coffee, we set off northbound on the NS highway towards Ipoh. Being a Sunday morning, traffic was light. Ron Nathan and Stewart Loke took turns to lead the convoy. Max speed on this leg of the journey – 210 kph, maybe 215. We arrived at Ipoh at 0930 hours. After a short pee stop at Jalan Kuala Kangsar, we convoyed towards Lahat Road, where Ah Hong had arranged for the Alfatech boys to take us to Alfatech’s new workshop in Ipoh. Called Alfa Ricambi, it was just another 5 minutes down the road at an industrial area.

We hung out at Alfa Ricambi, checking out its facilities. There were a few Alfas in the shop area under repair or being serviced, but being a Sunday, no work was going on. The car that caught everybody’s attention was an immaculate early 70’s Guilia left there by a customer to be sold. A few of us took it for a short spin around the premises. Some of us came close to putting down a deposit in the spur of the moment. Ah Hong had asked some Alfistis from Ipoh to come meet us at Alfa Ricambi. One particular Alfisti brought along his red GTV6 and had it parked next to mine. We spent the next 15 minutes in mutual admiration mode.

At 1130 hours, just as we were to depart Alfa Ricambi to head to Grik, Tee Arasoo was getting out of bed somewhere in Kajang. Having said the day before that he wasn’t coming for the trip, he decides to call to find out where we were. 10 minutes later, he was on his way to Ipoh. Since nobody was in a rush to go to Grik, we adjourned to a mamak shop in Ipoh Garden East for TT, while we waited for Tee.

Just over an hour later, Tee arrived at Ipoh and joined us. We then convoyed towards Grik via Kuala Kangsar. By now, we are 11 cars, with 2 cars from Ipoh and Tee joining us. We arrived at Ayer Kala, about 40 km from Grik, at around 1400 hours. Somebody decided it was already lunchtime, so we broke up into 2 groups. Our Muslim members had their lunch at nearby Selat Pagar, whilst the rest of ate at Ayer Kala. We had a sumptuous meal. Ayer Kala is famous for its fresh water fish. Being vegetarians, Ron Nathan and accompanying person were the odd ones at our table.

By the time lunch was over, it was almost 1330 hours. After a quick poll, it was decided that we should not proceed to Grik, but turn around and return to KL. I think the heavy lunch, the beer, and the hot weather, had something to do with this decision. On the way back, it started to rain on the stretch from Ayer Kala to Kuala Kangsar. We stopped by at the Chenderoh Lake rest area and some of us bought some local fruits. When we rejoined the NS highway at Kuala Kangsar, the rain stopped. Traffic was by now quite heavy, with the weekend crowd returning in droves to KL. The convoy was broken up as some of us wanted to drive at our own pace.

Shortly after the Ipoh toll, I found myself in a long queue of cars, with Tee in front of me, and Yazid behind me. All of a sudden, a black BMW 730 iL (E65) flashed its lights at us from behind, shot passed us on the left lane and squeezed in in front of Tee. And then the fun began. What had looked to be a boring drive back to KL, stuck in traffic, turned out to be anything but that. After showing the BMW 730 iL a clean pair of heels, we arrived back in KL at 1700 hours. A good time was had by everybody. Those who came on this trip retraced the route from Kuala Kangsar to Ayer Kala during GT 2005 held later in the year

by KK Tang

Posted: TheTaj @ Wed Mar 01, 2006 3:26 pm

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