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Diaries: AROC Phuket & Krabi Trip 9 - 12 December 2005
Text By ED Ron Nanthan

We flagged off from R&R Rawang at 1.45 a.m on Friday 9/12/05 after a surprise goodie bag distribution from AUTO ITALIA. Led by Ron Lim in the 166 pace car we made good time to stop at the first pit stop at Gunung Semanggol Esso Station for a refill. A lot of drivers did not sleep as they left work straight and came to R&R especially the Singapore Group led my Rashid. We then left shortly to the border and the particular stop there went missing as there was a power failure. Consequently we could not locate the pit stop at Changlun. Finally after some double backing and a few U turns we got a call from our President informing us of the power failure and that he was waiting for us there.

There was a delay there as due to the power failure the issuance of insurance and travel docs were done manually and this took forever.
At the border we were greeted by the the ADC of the Minister. Thanks to Hazemi who arranged this. The captain was waiting for us personally to welcome us into Thailand and he made sure the Police escorted us all the way to Phuket with changes of Police cars at Haadyai and Phannga.

But as we entered Sadao it started raining and all the speed demons had to go slow at 120kmh all the way to Krabi and along the way we came across some flood waters almost a feet deep and we had to glide very slowly. We regrouped at the other end of the flooded area without any casualities. We left Krabi after some good food to Phuket and arrived at around 5 pm Thai time.

Along the way I had to put up with the witty Ron Lim and jumbo size Jespall with their antics. The jokes they cracked were hilarious. Then there was Patro trying to bully a Peugeot 407 who was chasing us all the way from Rawang to Sadao. Of course there was entertainment thru the walkies from Channel who was playing Hindi hits for Jespall I guess, from Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum. Some of the marshals actually sang and whoever who was going to sleep certainly got up to the croaking voice.

On the way Ron Lim was actually trying to teach the cops the racing lines as they were off track at times and when they were slow he went very close to the bumper you could read the brand of the cops underwear.

When Jespall was not keeping us awake, he was asleep and boy if only u could hear him snore ... like a Hippopotamus on heat....we couldn't hear the exhaust pipe. And all of a sudden he would wake up so attentively and say GOOD MORNING VIETNAAAAAMM!!!

During the entire trip the only problem I had was with Doc Wong wanting to pee every hour or so. At first we thought it was his son so we accomodated them, then we found it was him so I told him to wear PAMPERS!!

At one stretch I had an SMS from Tang who was in Sri Lanka's car (NEW GT) saying that we are driving so slow that a lorry was overtaking them, the reply from Ron Lim was I quote "Busy, having a conversation with a cyclist".

Now the scene at the pool on the last day at Krabi was just marvellous. The comradeship and bonding shown by AROC members was simply overwhelming. Ther were flying kicks from lalang(Yazids son) and choking of necks from Queen of The Star and rough play by the boys with Channel who was the only goal post which changed positions by the second. But everyone had so much fun and the score was 20 to 7 , won by the handsomes against the shorties.... Did you know that our Singapore Amir was a national cyclist...and has won many accolades in his time too.

The committee has decided I believe that we will make the swimming pool get together a fixture in our Thailand outings where all participants will be told the time to meet to play water polo.

Of course some guys just disappeared all together in Phuket and only reemerged when we were leaving for KRABI. I wonder what they were doing.....probably being a good ambassador for Malaysia and keeping the flag up!!! My, the sacrifice these guys do for Malaysia is unbelievable.

Overall we all had a good time and we would like to thank the Singapore AROC and Malaysian AROC members for making this trip a success and look forward to meeting you guys for the Bangkok Motor Show somewhere in March 2006.


Posted: TheTaj @ Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:26 am

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